Friday, October 2, 2015

14 Members of Team 8 Coming to the Philippines

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November 7 and 8, at Trinoma Mall (Quezon City).

This is part of the Cool Japan Festival, sponsored by the Hallohallo Alliance. The Festival will be on November 7 and 8 (Saturday and Sunday), 10am - 8pm at Trinoma Mall (Quezon City). The current scheduled appearance of Team 8 will be 12:30-1pm and 6:30-7pm on Nov. 7, Saturday, and again on 1-1:30pm and 5:30-6pm on Nov. 8, Sunday (Philippine time).

Filipino fans (and both neighboring and far-flung friends), make sure to be there!!! This is an amazingly rare treat!!! Let's enjoy this and encourage them to come back!!!

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