Friday, September 16, 2011

Not Yet Gets Its Own Variety Show "Yonpara" Every Sunday, 12:50-1:20 a.m., Starting Oct. 16, 2011

AKB48 Next Single Kaze wa Fuiteiru Releases October 26, 2011

Release: October 26, 2011

AKB48 Trading Collection BOX

Release: December 1, 2011

AKB48 Nemousu TV Special - Ase to Namida no Supokon Matsuri -

Release: November 25, 2011

Oshima Yuko "Kimi wa, Boku no Mono" [Blu-ray]

Release: December 21, 2011

Moshi Kokoyakyu no Joshi Manager ga Drucker no "Management" wo Yondara

Release: December 21, 2011

Itte Koi 48 Vol.2

Release: November 18, 2011

NHK DVD Suiensaa AKB48 ga Gachi de Challenge Shichaimashita!

Release: Novemeber 16, 2011

Fukuoka Renai Hakusho 6 Futatsu no Love Story (Features Mariko Shinoda)

Release: October 28, 2011

Shin Anata no Shiranai Sekai (Features Rena Matsui)

Release: November 23, 2011


Release: October 28, 2011

NMB48 2nd Single Releases October 19, 2011

Release: October 19, 2011

AKB48 Study Reference Books

Release: September 1 and 2, 2011

AKB48 Launches Official Indonesian Sister Group, JKT48

NMB48's Shiori Matsuda and Akari Yoshida Suspended

NMB48's Rena Shimada Suspended

Anna Mori Retires from AKB48, Mina Oba Resigns as Team 4 Captain and is Suspended for a While

Flying Get First to Sell Over One Million Copy on the First Day of Its Release, Highest First Week Sales in Japan Ever

SKE48's Yui Matsushita Announced Her Graduation